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free for life. only $29 a month for six months. weapons in exchange for cas san francisco and oakland t. the timing was a coincidenc both buyback events had been >>> gun owners turned in weapons in exchange for cash in san francisco and oakland today. the timing was a coincidence. bow buyback events were planned for some time. as cbs 5 reporter anne makovec shows us, the large turnout in oakland was partly a result of the connecticut tragedy. >> it only takes one gun and one bullet in one gun to kill somebody. this is a huge change. >> reporter: the turnout for this gun buyback was unprecedented. people started lining up four hours before it began. the line stretching for blocks in east oakland. everyone came to exchange their firearms $200 cash for each working gun. >> some guns off the streets, grandkids some kids can't get these guns and kill somebody. >> reporter: more than 100 people have been killed in oakland so far this year. ironically, as cars were lining up here, gunfire hit four people a few blocks away at international and 85th in broad daylight 7:30 a.m. while this happens
to the south and we will have the entire forecast dried up in san francisco and over in oakland. the storm is causing problems all over the bay area. >> reporter: brian, you know, it is the sunday before the christmas holiday. that mean ace lot of people are out this doing last-minute shopping and going to holiday parties. but, the weather has not made it easy for drivers out this on the road. they are looking at the conditions from earlier. the standing water is hurting traffic and slow-moving drivers. and wind warnings on the bridges. this powerful storm even brought down trees on panoramic highway. and people had to detour adding hours to their trip. listen to this guy. >> they are saying that there is no power. the fire department told me the road is closed because they need to clear the tree. that was 2-1/2 hours. that is how long to cheer the trees. four hours -- clear the trees four hours ago and nobody is cutting the tree and they now say you can not pass in 12 hours. >> now, these trees weigh at least a ton and will take hours to cheer. back live, we are watching traffic as drive
the the sup shine. chilly out there. 49, san jose, 52 in santa rosa. 56 in oakland right now. so, overnight tonight. that is when we could see patchy frost, especially in some of the inland valleys, cool, look at that. 29 is the overnight low. going to dip below freezing. in parts of the north bay. it will get chilly as l. overnight lows, we will show you across the board. really, the north bay numbers, napa others santa rosa. that is where it is chilliest. eastbound valleys, 30 degrees in livermore. more mild in san francisco, overnight low at 41 degrees. tomorrow, the temperatures are slightly cool for had this time of the year for the end of december. you will notice mostly low 50s, 49 is going to be the forecasted high. so, not going to warm up by much. only 51 in livermore and 52 by tomorrow afternoon in oakland. doing traveling? sfo tomorrow, not anticipating big delays. highs, 52 degrees. some sunshine, areas, sun, clouds, partly cloudy skies, light wind, if you are traveling around the country, houston, getting thundershowers, they are 72 in the forecasted high. and, snow, in denver
than 4. oakland nearly that. and san jose and the south bay nearly 2.5 inches of rain. to put that in perspective, the average rail is 4.13 inches. we had more than that over the past five days. so a month's worth of rain over the span of five days. wind gusts this morning strong. napa 53 miles per hour and 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts for san francisco at the airport, novato and at travis afb. and heavy rain is done. there is no round four. clear night and areas of fog overnight. there is some rain in the work- week forecast. i'll detail when that will arrive and how much we'll get coming up in a few minutes but right now, the heavy rain, thankfully, is finished. >> good to hear. and you can track any storm any time with our live high def doppler raid. it isure website, >>> the heaviest rainfall is from this area is over and communities in the north bay are breathing a sigh of relief. the waters of the napa reached flood levels some in areas but little damage. we are in napa where precautions worked. >> reporter: that's right, ann. the river behind me is cre
. richland, oakland, hayward out to san san san ramon and danville. when you wake up on sunday morning it will be windy with urban and street flooding likely. let's take about how much rain you're looking for. at least an inch and a half to 2 inches of rain. that's most of the bay area. that's why the napa river and flood river are under flood warnings with a flash flood for the north bay and the coast and the mountains where we have a wind advisory because tonight with the rain it's going to be windy. win gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour. there's high deaf doppler. the rain is here and it's going to be with us for a while. we'll talk about when the mess will finally move o out and have your full extended forecast in a few minutes. >>> as paul mentioned a flood warning has been issued for the napa river. it's expected above flood levels and cbs5 don knapp is in napa where people are preparing for worst. >> reporter: we've been here since 3 and there was no rain. now it's starting to rain. behind me is the napa river. there's lots of room. but they say this river is going to rise rapidly t
. both hostages made it out safely. >>> we're barely halfway through the weekend and oakland police are already investigating their third homicide in just hours. the latest happened near jacqueline square around 2:4524 afternoon. officers found the victim on third street with gunshot wounds. that person was pronounced dead as the scene. police are still looking for the shooter. two other deadly shootings in oakland last night. >>> well, a couple of east bay teens are facing some serious consequences tonight. they are accused of setting off pipe bombs. that's the bomb squad blowing up one of them. it all started when police got a call of a mailbox being blown up near college park high school last night. 20 minutes later officers found an suv with five kids in it in the apartment of the high school. -- parking lot of the high school. found inside the suv. another explosive device. >> i mean, this is a significant pipe bombs. so i mean -- all the damage that you might expect. there was like i said, they -- the mailbox was completely destroyed. and if anybody been close to it they certa
divorced from major league pitcher. >>> a murder in broad daylight has some oakland businesses concerned. a man was killed just before saturday afternoon near jackland and square. favorite spot for tourists. witnesses claimed, he fired a federal shot and flet the area of the 400 block of third street. last july, injured five people. police say crime in the area filled with cafes and condominiums is unusual. >>> police are looking for the people who stabbed a 14-year- old boy near san jose's christmas in the park. officers got a call at the carnival adjacent to plaza cesar chavez just before 9:00 last night. the team was taken to the hospital, with nonlife- threatening injuries. witnesses say the three suspects are in their teens and early 20s. >> this is for the kids and people who want to have a good christmas. not here for people to want to start fights. you guys are going to start fights, don't come down here. >> and police believe the attack was gang-related. >>> reverend jesse jackson was in san francisco, to celebrate peace sunday. jackson joined other religious leaders and mayor,
, 30 degrees to below freezing in some spots, a little more mild closer to the bay. so oakland, san francisco, shouldn't be too bad. tomorrow kind of similar to today a lot of low 50s. these temperatures are slightly below what we should see for the end of december. maybe about 5 degrees below average. so the satellite and radar shows you what's going on. that area of low pressure continues to move farther south so monterey got hit with some rain showers, but us here in the bay area for the most part we're staying dry. let's time it out with futurecast. throughout the day tomorrow, barrel a cloud in sight. and then monday, afternoon, evening, that's when things start to get a little more unsettled. so we're freezing time there about 9:00 on new year's eve night. if we get any rain at all, it will be very light rain. but again, kind of scattered showers and then it's quickly out of here for tuesday throughout the day on new year's day. it actually looks to be a picture-perfect day with plenty of sunshine. your overnight lows, here they are. those cold temperatures fairfield 32 degree
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8